"A Wall Without Art Is Like A Face Without Features"

For me, the point of art is not to copy but to amplify; to create an emotional response in the viewer. I work in oils and mixed media; working using a limited palette, with emphasis on the masses, values and light falling upon form.

My ongoing contemporary series, "Relationships", is a still life study of fruits and vegetables. Like people, produce comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, from large spiky pineapples to the soft and sensual pear. The models used are the characters from my market basket. Each painting is a glimpse into "relationships". What we long for, fantasize about; what a relationship can be, should be, and sometimes what they are not.

Other series include La Jolla Secret Garden paintings, floral, waterscapes, ocean scenes throughout San Diego County and Northern California, Sonoma and Napa Vineyards, Southwestern and European subjects and my Abstract series, "Perceptions".

Living in Southern California, I enjoy the casual spirit and natural beauty of the area for landscape plein air painting. I also gain inspiration when traveling. The joy of plein air painting is that it allows me to paint first hand and interact directly with the landscape. My emotional, visual response to what I experience is what guides me and makes this form of expression unique. Returning to familiar locations allows me to be become more intimate with a place. The painted facts become less important than the truth of the whole experience.

I use a similar approach to abstractions and my expressionist work. When interpreting the subject, I strive to distill the elements down to essentials. I enjoy the use of vibrant color with notes of simplicity to reveal drama.

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"A Wall Without Art Is Like A Face Without Features"

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